Gluteal tendinopathy

As the term lateral hip pain has evolved from greater trochanteric pain syndrome and trochanteric bursitis, to gluteal tendinopathy, we too have seen a growing amount of clinic trials published sharing what is known about this condition and evaluating the effectiveness of our current treatment methods. 

I was thrilled to see a paper recently released in the BMJ by a powerhouse group of researchers on the effectiveness of three different treatment approaches for this condition. Mellor, Bennell, Grimaldi et al (2018) conducted the first RCT to evaluate the effect of: education about tendon loading & exercises specific to stage of tendon pathology, versus a single CSI, versus a wait and see approach, on pain and functional outcomes with gluteal tendinopathy.

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Surgical vs non-surgical treatment for the knee

Presented in this blog are the key messages from CPG over the past 10 years regarding the assessment and treatment (both surgical and non surgical) for meniscal lesions, degenerative knee disease, articular cartilage lesions, and ACL tears. 

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TFCC & Ulnar-side wrist injuries

Ulnar sided wrist pain can be a complex problem to diagnose. The following blog provides a review of the clinical anatomy, pain provocation tests and classification for diagnosis of TFCC injuries in patients with ulnar sided wrist pain.

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